Improve the security of your WordPress blogs and websites by configuring strong WordPress policies to ensure all WordPress users use strong passwords.
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Ensure WordPress Users Use Strong Passwords

Thousands of WordPress blogs and websites get hacked each year because users use weak passwords. Do not let your WordPress become a statistic; ensure that all your WordPress users use strong passwords and change them frequently with WP Password Policy Manager plugin.

Configurable WordPress Password Policies

Administrators can easily configure the below WordPress password policies with WP Password Policy Manager security plugin:

  • Maximum Password Age (ensure WordPress users do not use the same password for a long time)
  • Password Length (enforce a minimum number of characters in a password)
  • Mixed Case Policy (enforce users to use both uppercase and lowercase characters in passwords)
  • Numeric Digits Policy (enforce users to use numbers in their passwords)
  • Special Characters Policy (enforce users to use special characters in their passwords)
  • Password History (enforce users not to reuse the same passwords)

Built-In Password Policies

The below list of password policies are built in WP Password Policy Manager and cannot be disabled:

  • Password cannot be the same as username
  • Password cannot be the same as the previous one

Reset All WordPress Users Password

Should your WordPress be hacked, or you suspect of, the first reasonable thing to do is to reset everyone’s password. Though this is not an easy task if you have many users unless you have WP Password Policy Manager. This strong WordPress password plugin allows you to change everyone’s password with just a single click.

WP Password Policy Manager Support

If you need assistance or have any queries about WP Password Policy Manager plugin, get in touch with us by sending us an email at

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