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Announcing WPassword

Last updated on September 22nd, 2022 by Robert Abela. Filed under Products Releases & Updates


WordPress has come a long way in helping administrators run more secure sites, though weak passwords are still a big issue. That is why we still see so many successful WordPress brute force attacks. Though there is light at the end of the tunnel! We have developed a plugin to help WordPress site owners like you enforce strong passwords on users – WPassword.

Getting WPassword WordPress Plugin

You can buy the plugin WPassword from our website. To read more about the plugin and its features refer to the WPassword page.

WPassword settings

Take Advantage of the Introductory Price – Buy the Plugin Today!

Since we have just launched the plugin we have a special offer. You can buy the plugin for just $14! Hurry up because this special offer is only available until the 6th of October 2018! Go ahead, install the plugin and configure those much needed password policies for better WordPress password security. When you install it we’d be happy to hear back from you on what are your thoughts. Any type of feedback is greatly appreciated. Please use our contact form to send us any comments and feedback you might have.


Dale Reardon 06/09/2018

Just checked out the sales page and no mention of the roadmap you speak of – do you have that online?
Also does it control passwords for WooCommerce, RCP, EDD etc?
Can you set password strength to medium or always has to be strong?
A shame you have gone with Code Canyon as I hate everything at Envato – shocking customer service and always inflate the purchase prices by forcing you to pay their rounded up amounts into your account.

Robert Abela 07/09/2018

Thank you for your comment Dale.

1) EDD, WooCommerce and other platforms all use the native WordPress users, so the password policies plugin works for them as well.

2) The plugin does not use “password levels”. It is up to you to enable or disable policies. Password “levels” are very difficult to use. I.e. how would a user know what are the requirements for Medium level VS high?

3) In regards to Code Canyon, it is not a decision we have taken lightly. We’ve always used other options though this time, after a lot of research we decided to give Code Canyon a shot. If you purchase the plugin before October you’ll get a very special price – just $14!

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