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Patrick writes at length about the wonderful world of online retail for Ecommerce Tips, a leading blog featuring actionable tip for the discerning entrepreneur. To learn more, stop by the site, or check out the latest news on their Twitter channel @myecommercetips.

Email Security: How Basic Frameworks Help WordPress Site Owners

When you factor in the age of the technology and the incentive for hackers to attempt fraud, it’s easy to see why it continues to bother businesses and individuals alike. It’s actually more of a concern now than ever before, because the advent of multi-factor authentication, cloud storage, digital ecosystems and social logins has left many of us relying on the safety of our email addresses simply to get through the day.

How to Vet an Employee Before Granting Admin Access on WordPress

In the grand pantheon of nerve-wracking activities that go into growing a business, handing out admin access to someone else might not seem like a top-tier contender, but it’s actually a very awkward milestone — particularly if you’ve previously run everything yourself.

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