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Announcing the release of WPassword 2.6

We are happy to announce the latest release of WPassword. This version includes several improvements and bug fixes for an even smoother user and administrative experience while maintaining focus on WordPress password security.

The different types of CAPTCHA checks for WordPress websites

Since CAPTCHA was first introduced, it has undergone various iterations and evolutions. With each step, the aim always has been to make it easier for humans and more challenging for non-humans to pass the test. Over time, this led to several different types of CAPTCHA checks being used. CAPTCHA tests must also consider accessibility features such as screen readers used by visually impaired people. Since these function like a bot, it can make the entire process somewhat counterintuitive. Even so, this has been one of the motivators behind the evolution of CAPTCHA checks.

How to combine activity logs and monitoring to supercharge WordPress administration

Careful and consistent administration of a WordPress website can not only help you ensure happy visitors and users but ultimately more of them. However, many WordPress website owners are not in the business of managing WordPress websites. With primary focus lying elsewhere (mainly on running the business), they tend to find this activity something of a black box that can take valuable time away from the core business. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be this way. Logging and monitoring are two primary, easy-to-use tools that can help you ensure a healthy website with minimal effort. WordPress monitoring and activity logs are two sides of the same website-health coin. There are some commonalities; however, they are not the same. If you’re looking at improving your WordPress availability while ensuring a healthy system, you need to have both.

What is the difference between CAPTCHA, ReCAPTCHA, and NoCAPTCHA?

If you’ve been thinking about adding CAPTCHA to your WordPress website (or have recently installed our amazing CAPTCHA 4WP plugin), you’ll undoubtedly have come across the many different versions and iterations of the word CAPTCHA. If you find all of these versions confusing, don’t worry; you’re not alone. In this article, we will be looking […]

A guide to hardening the web server of your WordPress website

Due to their function, web servers are different from many other devices in a typical network environment—they are not only exposed to the internet by design, but they likely serve web traffic to complete strangers. Additionally, in many situations, web servers are likely serving dynamic applications such as WordPress websites or acting as proxies towards […]

CAPTCHA 4WP 7.0.6 Free Edition

Today we are launching version 7.0.6 of CAPTCHA 4WP Free Edition. This latest release includes several improvements and fixes, for a smooth-running and stable CAPTCHA plugin for WordPress. What’s new? Version 7.0.6 includes a number of UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) improvements designed to make CAPTCHA implementation easier than ever before. It also […]

CAPTCHA 4WP Premium version 7.0.6 – You spoke, we listened

Since we acquired CAPTCHA 4WP (previously Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha (v2 & v3)) we set about updating the code and mechanics of the plugin to bring it in line with WP White Security’s standards. In many ways. Version 7.0.0 was the first phase of this endeavor. Version 7.0.6 ties it all together as we […]

Still experiencing spam with CAPTCHA on WordPress? Here’s what to do

CAPTCHA is one of the best tools WordPress administrators and website owners have at their disposal in their fight against spam, such as spam comments and fake user registrations. Just like every other tool, sometimes it needs to be sharpened and serviced. Some TLC goes a long way in helping you keep the CAPTCHA 4WP […]

Admin Notices Manager 1.3.0: Better support for custom admin notices

We are happy to announce the release of Admin Notices Manager version 1.3.0. This latest version allows you to gain even more control over the admin notices than ever before, with a number of fixes and enhancements ensuring a smooth user experience throughout. What’s new? The focus of this release is to give you more […]

How to stay safe online as a new WordPress administrator

As a new WordPress administrator, you undoubtedly have a lot to think about and do. After all, WordPress websites are as fun and exciting as they are demanding. Even so, one thing that many new administrators do not think about enough is safety and security. To be safe online, there are two things we need […]

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