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Protect the WordPress wp-config.php Configuration File

Protecting the WordPress wp-config.php file is another way to beef up your WordPress security. The WordPress wp-config.php file contains very sensitive information about your WordPress installation, such as the WordPress security keys and the WordPress database connection details. You certainly do not want the content of this file to fall in the wrong hands, so […]

Finding the absolute path of a directory on a website (using PHP)

A WordPress website is made up from a number of files, organized in a number of sub directories. These files and sub directories are saved in a directory on a web server. This is the root directory of your site, also known as the document root. Sometimes you need to find out absolute path of […]

Securing The WordPress wp-admin Directory with HTTP Authentication

Protecting your wp-admin directory and WordPress dashboard with an .htaccess file is a vital procedure when locking down your WordPress blog or website. As a blogger and webmaster you know that once a malicious user gains access to your WordPress dashboard, it is game over. By adding an extra layer of server-side security you are […]

htpasswd tutorial | How to create an Apache password file

To password protect a directory or section of your WordPress blog or website, you need to generate an Apache password file, better known as htpasswd file. In this article we will explain how to create a password file for Apache web server, which is the most popular web service used by hosting providers. Below is […]

Why minimum MySQL user WordPress database privileges improve security

There are many WordPress security plugins and recommended security settings you can apply to secure your WordPress installation. Since hacking is on the rise, and WordPress websites are being hacked daily, WordPress security is not something that should be overlooked. It is highly recommended to install such plugins and follow the security best practises, or […]

Recovering from WordPress White Screen of Death

WordPress white screen of death is typically compared to Windows’ blue screen of death, i.e. it stops your WordPress blog or website from working and you cannot access the WordPress dashboard. The good thing is that WordPress white screen of death can be easily solved within minutes. In this WordPress tutorial we will explain how […]

Upgrading WordPress for beginners

What to do if WordPress auto update fails It is of utmost importance to always use the latest version of WordPress. When using the latest version of a software such as WordPress, you will benefit from a number of new features, have a more stable and better support product. Most of the times, when WordPress […]

Fixing “Error Establishing a Database Connection” in WordPress

WordPress database connection problems are very common, especially when installing, upgrading and migrating a site. However, they can also occur on other occasions.  If you have a WordPress site you’ve surely seen the error establishing database connection: WordPress database connectivity problems can be solved very easily. This article explains how to use our database connection […]

How to configure WordPress Permalinks

You have read about SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and how important the naming conventions of your website’s URLs are to improve your search engine ranking.  Although WordPress can be configured to use user / search engine friendly URLs, an out of the box WordPress installation does not use search engine friendly. In this article we […]

How to reset the WordPress password through FTP

If you lost your WordPress administrator password, or you cannot login to the WordPress dashboard and you do not have access to the WordPress MySQL database, or the password reset functionality is not working, it is still possible to change your password through FTP. In this ten step easy to follow guide we will explain […]