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CAPTCHA 4WP version 7.2.0 is out now

Last updated on April 27th, 2023 by Joel Barbara. Filed under Products Releases & Updates


We are happy to announce the release of CAPTCHA 4WP version 7.2.0. This version adds some very useful features and a number of improvements and bug fixes that’ll surely make it a great upgrade for anyone running this plugin – and many more reasons to get this plugin for those who aren’t.

ReCAPTCHA V3 fallback

ReCAPTCHA V3 is the latest version of ReCAPTCHA, offering an intrusion-less way to add ReCAPTCHA checks to your WordPress forms. We have now added a fallback mechanism that allows website administrators to define what happens when a check fail, including switching to V2 I’m not a robot or redirecting the visitor to a specific URL. This will help you ensure that no legitimate visitors are unable to proceed due to a false negative.

Configuration wizards

We have also added configuration wizards to take the guesswork out of configuring CAPTCHA checks on your website. We recognize that not everyone is tech-savvy and, as such, have included configuration wizards to help you configure CAPTCHA. Wizards are available for first-time setup and reconfiguration.


We have also made numerous improvements to the look and feel of the plugin, making it more intuitive and easy to use. Other improvements in this version include improvements to the core code and JS improvements.

Bug fixes

Version 7.2.0 includes a number of bug fixes, allowing for better compatibility with 3rd party plugins such as ContactForm 7, BuddyPress, and WPForms.

For the full list of what is new, improved, and fixed, visit the CAPTCHA 4WP change log.

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