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Malcare WordPress Site Security Service Reviewed

According to statistics published by WPMUDEV in 2017, malicious hackers attack WordPress websites with over 90,978 attacks per minute. Therefore every WordPress site must have some sort of security hardening and service protecting it. Even if it is small and not popular, your WordPress website is always a target. Being a geek, when I started […]

The Top 5 Activity Log Plugins for WordPress

Managing a WordPress website can be time-consuming and difficult, especially if you have a lot of content and users. Fortunately, you can use a simple but powerful WordPress activity log plugin to keep track of everything that happens on your site. The benefits of using an activity log plugin include: Greater control over your site […]

Best Two-Factor Authentication Plugins for WordPress

Two-Factor Authentication, (aka Two-Step Verification, 2FA) is an additional layer of security you can add to your WordPress login page. With 2FA it is virtually impossible for attackers to login to your WordPress, even if they guess your user’s password. Two-factor authentication is also good to help mitigate WordPress brute force attacks. Read our article […]

Understanding the WordPress Security Plugins Ecosystem

There are many WordPress security plugins available but not all of them have the same scope. Hence before being deciding which plugin to install, users should first understand what type of plugins there are available to be able to determine which plugins will help them meet the WordPress security requirements, and ensure that every aspect of the WordPress security ecosystem is addressed.

BBQ:Block Bad Queries WordPress Plugin Review

This WordPress security tutorial features a WordPress plugin called BBQ:Block Bad Queries. This WordPress security plugin is a maintenance free WordPress Web Application Firewall that protects your WordPress blogs and websites from malicious hacker attacks by blocking malicious HTTP requests sent to your WordPress prior to being executed by the WordPress core.

WordPress SSL Setup with WordPress HTTPS (SSL) Plugin

WordPress HTTPS (SSL) plugin allows WordPress owners and administrators to easily setup WordPress SSL for the WordPress login page or any other section of the blog and website without manually modifying code or configuration files. WordPress HTTPS (SSL) plugin is a very easy to setup and use WordPress plugin thus making WordPress SSL an easy task that can be done by any WordPress owner within minutes.

Use Google Authenticator Plugin to Improve WordPress Security

Use the Google Authenticator WordPress security plugin to enable 2-step verification (two factor authentication) on your WordPress for a stronger and more secure authentication mechanism to improve the security of your WordPress.

State of Security of WordPress Plugins

A source code analysis of several WordPress plugins shows that more than 20% of the 50 most popular WordPress plugins are vulnerable to common web attacks. In this blog post we present you with the facts and statistics of this one of a kind study and give recommendations to help WordPress owners choose secure plugins and to help WordPress plugins developers develop more secure plugins.

Vulnerability in WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache

A very serious vulnerability was discovered in 2 popular WordPress caching plugins; WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache. Read this article to know how to test if your WordPress is vulnerable to Remote Code Execution vulnerability.

Automatic WordPress Backup | BackupBuddy Plugin Review

Read and learn why we chose itheme’s premium WordPress plugin BackupBuddy to automate the WordPress backup process. It is an easy to configure WordPress backup plugin and supports remote locations to store WordPress backups.