Category: WordPress Security Hacks

Hide WordPress Usernames to Improve WordPress Security

A WordPress security tutorial that explains how and why you should hide your WordPress usernames to improve the security of your WordPress blogs and websites.

Securing the WordPress Administrator User Account

The WordPress administrator user account is the most targeted account on a WordPress installation. Read this article to learn what you can do to tighten the security of your WordPress administrator user account and how to keep it secure.

Why You Should Change the WordPress Administrator User ID

This security article explains why you should change your WordPress Administrator ID to improve the security of your WordPress blogs and sites. It also explains how to change the WordPress administrator ID so malicious hackers cannot target the WordPress administrator account.

BBQ:Block Bad Queries WordPress Plugin Review

This WordPress security tutorial features a WordPress plugin called BBQ:Block Bad Queries. This WordPress security plugin is a maintenance free WordPress Web Application Firewall that protects your WordPress blogs and websites from malicious hacker attacks by blocking malicious HTTP requests sent to your WordPress prior to being executed by the WordPress core.

Use Google Authenticator Plugin to Improve WordPress Security

Use the Google Authenticator WordPress security plugin to enable 2-step verification (two factor authentication) on your WordPress for a stronger and more secure authentication mechanism to improve the security of your WordPress.

Disable Theme and Plugin Editors in WordPress to Improve WordPress Security

This WordPress security blog post explains how to disable the WordPress theme and plugin editors from the WordPress admin panel to improve the security of your WordPress.

How to Protect your WordPress from Mass WordPress Brute Force Attacks

While a global WordPress brute force attack made it to the news, many security companies are trying to sell their services. In this article we recommend you two practical and free WordPress security tips to protect your WordPress blog or website from mass WordPress brute force attacks.

How to Manually Rename the WordPress Administrator Account

Follow this step by step WordPress tutorial to change any WordPress username. It is recommended to rename the default WordPress admin username to protect WordPress from brute force attacks.

Delete Old (and Obsolete) WordPress Core Files | WordPress Security Tip

Use WordPress security plugin Old Core Files to delete old, obsolete and probably vulnerable WordPress core files which can be exploited by hackers to inject malware on your WordPress blog or website. Read how simple it is to use this WordPress security plugin.

Add Additional WordPress wp-admin HTTP Authentication from CPanel

In this WordPress tutorial we explain how to password protect the WordPress wp-admin from Cpanel to add an additional layer of security to your WordPress administrator dashboard and protect WordPress from zero day vulnerabilities.