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All You Need To Know On the WordPress Unique Authentication Keys and Salts

WordPress security keys are used to encrypt the WordPress login details stored in user’s cookies once they login to WordPress. By configuring the WordPress security keys you also improve the security of your WordPress. This article explains what are the WordPress security keys and how you can configure them in the wp-config.php file.

Must Have WordPress Database Tools for Administrators

In this WordPress Webmaster Tip we recommend two automated tools (BigDump and Search Replace DB) that will make your WordPress Admin life easier.

How to Tell if Your WordPress is Hacked

Sometimes WordPress administrators do not notice that their WordPress is hacked. In this WordPress security article we explain how to keep an eye on your WordPress and identify a malicious WordPress hack attack. The earlier you find out that your WordPress is hacked, the easier it will be to recover and the less the damage is.

Self-Signed SSL Certificate VS Commercial SSL Certificate

Even though you can generate a self-signed SSL certificate for free for your WordPress blog or website, sometimes you still have to pay for an SLL web server certificate from a trusted certificate authority. This blog post explains when and where you should use self-signed or premium SSL web server certificates for HTTPS.

WordPress SSL and HTTPS Explained

When logging in to your WordPress dashboard (wp-admin seciton) all of the traffic is sent in clear text and if intercepted by a malicious user, he or she can login to your WordPress. This blog post explains what is SSL Encryption (HTTPS) and why you need to setup SSL for your WordPress blog or website.

Checking the Password Strength of WordPress Users with WPScan

With WPScan WordPress Security Scanner you can launch a security check to ensure that all your users are using strong WordPress passwords. In this WordPress security tutorial we demonstrate how to use WPScan to launch a brute force security check against a WordPress user account.

WordPress Books for Beginners, Developers & Consultants

A WordPress book is your WordPress personal trainer and consultant. Several WordPress books are available for beginners, designers, developers & consultants. In this blog post we recommend a range of WordPress books for all type of WordPress users.

WordPress Backups Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are not familiar with all the operations and tasks needed to maintain a successful WordPress blog or website, you will find it very difficult to plan and choose the right WordPress backup solution for your WordPress. In this WordPress FAQ tutorial we try to address all WordPress backup frequently asked questions.

Why You Need a WordPress Backup Solution

There are many things that can go wrong and are out of your control in a WordPress setup. In this article we will explain why you should make frequent WordPress backup and how WordPress backups make your life easier when it comes to maintaining WordPress.

Genesis Framework Review – Why uses It

Building a new WordPress theme? Most probably you heard that many WordPress experts use Genesis Framework to build awesome WordPress themes. Check out our review to find out why Genesis Framework should be used to build every WordPress theme.