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Switch on your WordPress Security

Every blogger and WordPress webmaster knows that WordPress security is very important, yet most of them fail to do anything about it. Thousands of WordPress blogs and websites are hacked every day and businesses fail to flourish in the online world simply because of this. Is it because WordPress security is difficult?

From where to start with WordPress security?

If you are new to online and WordPress security, or it’s simply not your thing, typically you would try to research about WordPress security on Google. The results can be misleading and sometimes even intimidating for a WordPress security newbie; a number of good articles that suggest different solutions. Some of them even recommend a number of “bullet proof solutions”. But from where should one start?

In reality there are no bullet proof solutions for optimum WordPress security. WordPress security and online security are evolving every day and to maintain a secure WordPress you need to keep yourself informed and frequently apply changes. There is no one time procedure which you can follow to ensure that your WordPress is forever secure.

The good news is that there are some solutions out there that will ease your life. To start off with you can follow our blog, especially the WordPress security category where we frequently publish articles and posts about WordPress security.

If you do the hardening yourself, or even if a WordPress security professional does it for you, it is recommended to subscribe to an online WordPress security service. Even though you have done all the changes you need to ensure that someone keeps an eye on your WordPress blog or website and its activity.

Sucuri: your WordPress watchdog

Sucuri is the ideal WordPress security watchdog, your WordPress guardian angel. Without going into the marketing mantras of why you should use Sucuri, let’s take a practical approach and see how Sucuri helps all bloggers and WordPress webmasters keeping their WordPress secure.

  • Even if you implement everything you’ve learnt in our online WordPress security course, you still need to be alerted when a new WordPress version is available.
  • If by mistake you’ve installed a vulnerable plugin or theme, you need to be alerted automatically via email.
  • Maybe your WordPress is secure, but someone intruded into your web server through some other web service. In this case you need to be alerted if the malicious user changes files from your WordPress installation.
  • You need someone to let you know when your WordPress has been added to the Google blacklist because it has been infected with malware.
  • Last but not the least important, if your WordPress gets infected with malware, you need to be notified at the earliest possible to stop the malware from penetrating deeper in your website and propagate to your visitors.

As you can see, once you beef up the security of your WordPress as shown in our online WordPress security course, Sucuri will keep an eye and alert you of any suspicious activity.

Monitor the activity on your WordPress

Apart from having someone like Sucuri constantly checking your WordPress blog or website for malware, you should also monitor all the user and under the hood activity on your WordPress. By monitoring all the WordPress users and under the hood activity of your WordPress you can also identify suspicious behaviour and stop hacks before they actually happen. But it is not just that, there are several other benefits when you keep an audit log of your WordPress as explained in the Missing Component in the WordPress Security Ecosystem – Logging.

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