Guest Post Guidelines

WP White Security’s core business is the development of high-quality niche WordPress security and admin plugins. However, our website also has a popular WordPress resource blog that gets tens of thousands of monthly visits. So we use the blog to also help authors get more exposure by accepting guest posts.

What to write about

The main focus of our WordPress resources blog is application and WordPress security, and also WordPress website administration. We do have a few generic articles, though we always try to describe how such information is related to WordPress administrators, site owners and online businesses.

Here are some general topics which you can write an in-depth post about something related or of interest for our readers: WordPress admin tips, security tutorials and tips, application, internet and WordPress security.

Examples of formats include :

  • best practices
  • strategies
  • how-tos
  • cases

 Before you start writing, here are some guidelines

YOUR AUDIENCE… is IT professionals, most of which are WordPress site owners and admins. Some of them may be early on in their careers, but they all know the basics. None of the readers need to be spoon-fed basic information. They want something more!

YOUR CONTENT… needs to be unique, and should not have been previously published. This includes no passages lifted from other articles unless attributed and presented as a quote. By submitting your article, you guarantee that it is in no way or form any kind of plagiarism.

STRUCTURE AND FORMATTING… is very important. Your article must be a minimum of 750 words with no fluff and well-illustrated.  Structure your posts into paragraphs with headings and subtitles. Please be concise and consider overall readability. Before sending us your article, please check for correct grammar and run it through a spellchecker.

IMAGES… must receive proper source credit. Please use PNGs and JPGs only. No animated GIFs, unless you want to highlight a specific sequence. If you want to post a video, provide us with a thumbnail image and an external link to your uploaded video (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). You should always properly credit the source of your photos unless you take your own photos, someone has given you permission (preferably documented) to use their photos without crediting them, or you use a stock photo website that allows you to do with the photos as you please and does not desire credit.

SELF-PROMOTION… is not what this blog is about. Articles should be about sharing your expertise, and insights that educate and reveals something new to our audience. Posts must be free of advertising.

YOUR BIOGRAPHY… will be placed in the author’s page. Please provide author name, position, bio (short summary), and e-mail that is linked to Gravatar. You can add links to your personal social profiles: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

Now that you have a well-written post, what’s the next step?

Submit your post via Google Docs with option to edit and share it via our contact form. Images should be represented in Google docs, and also provided in a separate zip file.