Infographic About 50+ Ongoing WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks for All Businesses

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Creating a website has become an easy job thanks to WordPress,though maintaining it is a tough task. If website maintenance (and WordPress security is a major part of maintenance) is not given the due attention the website will have issues such as lower website traffic and its search engine ranking will drop. Lack of proper website maintenance is one of the reasons why many new websites fail to make a mark in the online world, thus if you are running a WordPress website, here are 50+ ongoing tasks that you need to complete on a regular, weekly and monthly basis.

The Most Critical WordPress Website Maintenance Tasks

Below are some of the most critical WordPress website maintenance tasks you should be following:

  1. Taking a regular backup of your entire site and database.
  2. Scanning your site on a day-to-day basis for malware, virus and other vulnerabilities.
  3. Keeping up to date your WordPress, plugins,themes and any other software you use.
  4. Deleting spam comments and clearing unnecessary media files.
  5. Testing your webite’s download links, email opt-in form and contact form.
  6. Updating your website’s content on a regular basis.
  7. Monitoring your website’s on-page SEO elements.
  8. Reviewing Google Analytics and Search Console Reports on a weekly basis.
  9. Checking for Broken Links and re-directing it.
  10. Checking your WordPress activity logs.

Taking care of these tasks will ensure that your WordPress site is performing and functioning well, and is easily accessible to users and search engines alike. Moreover, a well-maintained website also helps reduce bounce rate, which, in turn, can help you increase your site’s revenue and conversion. Here is an infographic that lists down all the essential website maintenance tasks. This infographic also provides you with helpful suggestions and tools on how to fix these issues effectively.

Infographic: WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist – 50+ Essential Tips & Practices

WordPress Website Maintenance Checklist

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