Key Benefits & Features

Easy to Use

Password Policy Manager for WordPress is very easy to use. It uses the same WordPress look & feel so you do not have to learn how to use a new system.

Secure Solution

The plugin uses WordPress’ built-in mechanism for resetting passwords and does not send any passwords over emails, ensuring optimum security.

Enforce Strong Passwords

By enabling password policies you enforce the use of strong passwords on your WordPress website. The good thing is that you can get started within seconds!

Configurable Policies

All the password policies are configurable. You can specify a minimum password length, and enforce policies such as the use upper and lower case letters, numbers & special characters.

Maximum Password Age

Configure the passwords’ age so users change their passwords periodically. And configure the plugin to remember old passwords so users do not use the same password.

Reset All Passwords

In case of suspicious activity reset all of the password with a click. On reset users will receive an email alerting them, through which they can change their password.

Manage Users Sessions

Configure the plugin to either instantly terminate the logged in session or wait for the users to terminate theirs & log back in to reset the password, giving you full control.

WooCommerce Ready

Do you have a subscription or eCommerce solution powered by WooCommerce? Use this plugin to enforce policies on WooCommerce users & shop managers.

Do not let your WordPress site be another statistic!


Weak passwords are still one of the most common issues that leave WordPress websites exposed to malicious hacker attacks. They are also the reason why many WordPress brute force attacks are successful.

Do not let your WordPress website be another statistic! Use the plugin Password Policy Manager for WordPress to:

  • Ensure secure WordPress users passwords
  • Improve the security of your WordPress site

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