PPMWP 2.1.0: the new dormant users policy & support for post login redirects

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WPassword 2.1 is out today! In this plugin update we added a new policy to disable dormant users, support for post login redirect plugins, and several other improvements. This post highlights all that is new and improved in the latest version of WPassword.

The dormant WordPress users policy

The dormant users policy is an additional layer of security on top of the password expiry policy. Users are marked as dormant when their password expires, and they do not change it within 30 days.

List of dormant users on a WordPress website

Dormant users are basically locked user accounts, therefore they cannot login to the website. Very often, neglected user accounts become an easy point of entry on websites for malicious hackers, hence why it is safest to lock them. The site administrator has to unlock them for them to be able to login back to the website.

Read the dormant WordPress users policy documentation for more details on how this policy works and how it can be enabled.

Support for post login redirect plugins

By default, WordPress redirects users to the dashboard when they login. However, you can redirect users to another page upon logging in with a third party plugin.

In this update we have included support for these third party plugins. Therefore now you can redirect your users to a page of your choice and yet still enforce strong passwords policy with WPassword.

Other highlights in this plugin update

In this update we have also included other updates worth mentioning:

  • The Reset All Passwords function now resets all passwords and terminates all sessions instantly,
  • Added a new setting allowing administrators to disallow the use of specific special characters in passwords (ideal for WordPress websites integrated with legacy software),
  • A new setting to exclude users from the dormant users policy,

For a complete and detailed list of what is new, improved and fixed in this update of the plugin refer to the WPassword changelog.

Try the latest WPassword

With the new dormant users policy WPassword has become a must-have plugin for all WordPress websites. Review the changes and update the plugin at your earliest possible to benefit from all the latest updates.

If you are not using the plugin yet, get a free 7-days trial!

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