PPMWP 2.3.1: improved support for third party plugins

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Today we are excited to announce update 2.3.1 of the WPassword. The highlight of this update is improved support for other third party plugins, such as login redirects, e-Commerce and membership type plugins.

Even though this update is a maintenance release, it still packs a punch. Let’s dive right in to see what’s new and improved in this update.

Improved support for third party plugins

Many site administrators use WPassword to configure password policies on membership, subscription and e-Commerce sites. So since the plugin is used alongside other plugins such as WooCommerce, Login & Logout Redirects and Memberpress, one of the most important under the hood features this plugin must have is the ability to play well with other plugins.

That is exactly what we focused on and improved in this update; the way the plugin hooks into WordPress, so users who use these plugins can still enforce policies without any issues.

Therefore now you can require new users to change the password on first login even when you use a login redirect plugin, or if you use custom login pages and portals.

Other noteworthy updates

In this update of WPassword we have also included the following improvements:

  • A much better integration with WordPress’ password generation module, so automatically generated passwords are generated according to the configured policies.
  • Improved the password reset policy, so when a user is required to change the password yet fails to reset the password within 24 hours, the user is still requested to reset it.

In this update we also have a breaking change. Earlier this year we had added a new setting, which site admins could use to stop WordPress from automatically generating passwords. However, since now the automatic generated passwords meet the configured policies, this feature is no longer required.

For a complete detailed overview of what is new, improved and fixed in this update of WPassword, refer to the plugin changelog.

Benefit from the most stable plugin update

Even though this is a maintenance update, it features a good number of improvements, especially in regards to the compatibility with other plugins. Users using our plugin alongside e-Commerce, membership and subscription plugins will greatly benefit from this update.

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