WP White Security will soon be rebranding to Melapress. As part of this change, www.wpwhitesecurity.com will no longer be available and will be redirected to melapress.com.

WP White Security is rebranding – what this means to you.

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Over the past few months, the team at WP White Security has been busy with a rebranding project. Customers that have been keeping up to date with our newsletters and blog posts will surely be aware that this rebranding has been in the works for some time. As we get closer to finalizing the rebrand and switching over, we wanted to let you know what is going on and what to expect.

What are we changing?

The rebrand’s main focus is cosmetic more than anything else. None of the products or their functions will change. The names will change – but that’s about it. All plugins will remain available as they are now and will continue to receive updates the same way they are now. We do not have any plans to change pricing, and renewals will continue to be carried out by Freemius – our licensing partner.

Why are we changing?

When WP White Security first started, we had one plugin that focused on WordPress security – hence the name made sense. Since then, we have grown as a team, as has our portfolio of plugins. While WordPress security is a big part of what we do, we also offer plugins that help countless WordPress administrators and website owners with website administration. As such, we wanted our name to be inclusive of all of our products.

How to stay informed

We will be communicating all upcoming changes through emails and blog posts. We highly recommend that you subscribe to our newsletter and follow our blog. However, we want to reassure our customers that all plugins will continue to function normally throughout this transition, regardless of which edition and plan you are on and that no action is required from your end.

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