September 2016 WordPress Core, Plugins & Themes Vulnerabilities Roundup

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This is a monthly roundup of all the WordPress core, WordPress plugins and WordPress themes vulnerabilities reported during the month of September 2016. This roundup is made possible through WP Security Bloggers, an aggregate of popular WordPress security blogs and websites that publish WordPress security news and updates.

Recap of Vulnerabilities in September 2016

When compared to the vulnerability roundups of July and August 2016, September was a slow one with just 22 reported vulnerabilities. The reason for such a drop in the total number of vulnerabilities is not because things are getting better, but because in both the previous months there were a lot of vulnerabilities which were identified during the Summer of Pwnage 2016. This month we have:

  • 2 WordPress Core vulnerabilities
  • 20 WordPress plugin vulnerabilities
  • 1 WordPress theme vulnerability

Below is the complete list of all the reported vulnerabilities.

WordPress Core Vulnerabilities

WordPress Plugins Vulnerabilities

WordPress Themes Vulnerabilities

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