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CAPTCHA 4WP changelog

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7.1.0 (2022-06-29)

Release notes: Support for WPForms & Gravity Forms plugins

New features:

  • Added support for Gravity Forms.
  • Added support for WPForms.
  • New setting to show the CAPTCHA logo on the lower left rather than the default, right.

Security fix:

  • Local File Inclusion reported by WPScan.


  • Improved JS handling within the WooCommerce checkout to ensure a more robust field during checkout changes.
  • Improved settings inline help text.
  • The action ‘c4wp_captcha_form_field’ is now exclusive to premium edition.
  • Ensure applicable settings only accessible based on the current license.
  • Support for [c4wp-captcha] shortcode is now exclusive to the premium edition.
  • Streamlined plugin’s internal build process.
  • Improved Coding Standards throughout plugin.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed logic issue which could cause an error during new user registration.
  • Ensure only specific internal files can be loaded within the help area.
  • Ensure applicable functions return first argument where needed. (2022-03-15)


  • Ensure migration script to new options table is run where needed.
  • Ensure correct default language is set during update in free edition.
  • Ensure verification does not hinder hook requests where no CAPTCHA is posted.

7.0.6 (2022-03-15)

New features & functionality

  • A new setting that allows you to enable CAPTCHA on WooCommerce logins whilst disabling it on the checkout login form.


  • Update logic to ensure whitelisted IP addresses action only runs when needed.
  • Ensure plugin does not attempt to verify if submission contains to captcha field.
  • Updated Contact Form 7 “embeddable” form tag to include response field.
  • Updated branding within the Freemius admin areas.
  • Improved the CAPTCHA placement within the WooCommerce “password reset” page.
  • Overall admin UI improvements, including responsive styling.
  • Improved BuddyPress JS support for better compatibility.
  • Improved overall JS to ensure functions are defined when used.
  • Improved WooCommerce extension logic to ensure code only runs when functions are available.
  • Improved inline help text, including warning for users of JetPack comments regarding incompatibility.
  • Improved logic within whitelisting to ensure accurate results.

Bug fixes

  • Updated v2 invisible form submission JS for wider compatibility.
  • Updated features logic to ensure extensions are always loaded based on license.
  • Fix logic to ensure “login_captcha_filter” return accurate response.
  • Reinstated original “anr_nocaptcha” Contact Form 7 form tag (backward compatibility).
  • Corrected Mailchimp 4 WP form tag from [c4wp_captcha] to [c4wp-captcha].
  • Ensure CAPTCHA language has the correct default in new installations.
  • Fixed error which caused “please solve CAPTCHA” message to appear on the “lost password” form.
  • Fixed redirection during installation on a network to ensure plugin takes user to correct admin area.
  • Fixed login within WooCommerce checkout which could cause CAPTCHA to always be hidden for logged in users.
  • Corrected typo within BBPress extension.
  • Ensure previous anr_nocaptcha Contact Form 7 code is validated.
  • Fix JS bug which could cause comments to not POST with v2 invisible captcha.

7.0.3 (2022-01-21)


  • Improved logic to determine if a login verification should be “skipped” depending on POSTed values.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Re-implemented support for original CF7 form tag.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue which could cause login CAPTCHA’s to not display.
  • Fixed: Fixed issue related to null variable in CF7 extension.

7.0.2 (2022-01-19)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: Ensure plugin does not interfere with unwanted “authenticate” calls.
  • Fixed: Use of private “construct” within CF7 extension.

7.0.1 (2022-01-19)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: PHP 7.2 Compatibility issue.

7.0.0 (2022-01-19)

Release notes: Plugin reload: Advanced noCaptcha & invisible Captcha is now CAPTCHA 4WP

New features

  • Plugin renamed to CAPTCHA 4WP.
  • New UI with improved UX.
  • A setting to choose where to place the CAPTCHA check on the WooCommerce checkout page.
  • Added the option to exclude CAPTCHA from specific URLs.
  • Auto detect visitor language and auto-configure the CAPTCHA test language to match the visitor’s language setting.
  • Plugin can now be activated at multisite network level or at individual child-sites level.


  • Plugin now has its own dedicated top level menu entry for configuration.
  • Replaced the plugin prefix to c4wp (both internally and for shortcodes).
  • Updated a number of translatable strings.
  • Added a specific upgrade script to handle upgrades from pre v7.0.
  • Fixed support for PHP v7.2.
  • Removed the Freemius SDK from free edition.
  • Added a dedicated help and support area with downloadable “system info” for easier troubleshooting (in case support need it).
  • Added compatibility support for Wordfence 2FA.
  • Ensure failed logins filter only runs when appropriate.
  • Added ability to detect and ignore REST API requests.
  • Failed login data is now stored in its own table with configurable pruning.
  • Separated WooCommerce form logic to allow registration and login forms to be enabled/disabled independently from the WordPress built-in forms.
  • Third party plugins extensions are now handled via separate classes for modularity.
  • Better sanitisation when saving admin options.
  • Removed obsolete “NoJS” setting.
  • Improved v2 Checkbox field positioning on WP login page.
  • Added support for Buddypress comments and activity areas.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed: plugin “blocking” admin request to send a “reset password” email via a user’s profile page.
  • Fixed: CAPTCHA not appearing on WordPress “lost password” form.
  • Removed obsolete code related to “FEP” forms.

6.1.7 (2021-10-06)

  • IMPROVEMENT: Updated all the FAQs and help text links to point to the new documentation pages.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Improved the help text for CAPTCHA v3 to better explain the severity scoring system.
  • IMPROVEMENT: Ensure CAPTCHA is not loaded when a page is viewed via Wthe P customizer/Widget view (introduced in WP 5.8)
  • IMPROVEMENT: Better support for PHP8
  • FIX: Updated the CF7 field to ensure error messages are shown correctly when validation fails.
  • FIX: Stopped CAPTCHA from being enforced on reset links, which causes sending of reset links via admin to fail.
  • FIX: Admin notice dismissal is improved to avoid load “blank” tabs.
  • FIX: Updated how form submission is handled during validation to improve compatibility (CAPTCHA V2).
  • FIX: Fixed issue with CAPTCHA always failing validation on password reset screen (CAPTCHA V2).
  • FIX: Fixed issue with CAPTCHA validation failing on WooCommerce checkout.

6.1.6 (2021-09-07)

UPDATE: Announcing new developer + future updates.


  • FIX: error in php version 7.4


  • Use tab navigation for settings. Remove extra menu items from admin sidebar.
  • Link to documentation on How to get google reCAPTCHA keys.
  • Increase footer hook priority as some theme add login/register form with higher priority.


  • domain added.
  • Error message now can be translated in file.


  • Add Contact form 7 integration instruction page link in settings page of this plugin.


  • Re-captcha domain can now be changed from settings.
  • footer script hook priority changed.
  • use same settings if network activated.
  • for cf7, use this plugins captcha instead of cf7 captcha.


  • Minor bug fixed.


  • IP whitelist feature added.
  • Captcha V3 timeout issue fixed.
  • UM login issue fixed.


  • Return last verify incase of duplicate checking.
  • Add google scripts src filters.
  • Custom hook and captcha short-code now support logged in setup.


  • Fix: Multisite site signup during registration failed due to double verification.
  • Fix: Comment reply failed from back-end.


  • Use js for loop instead of php for loop
  • Use number_formate_i18n to translate float
  • Tested up to updated.


  • Fix: Compatibility issue with reCaptcha v3 and CF7 version 5.1 & 5.1.1


  • Now support reCaptcha v3 also
  • Fix: invisible captcha sometimes was not working
  • anr_verify_captcha filter added


  • PRO version released
  • anr_verify_captcha_pre filter added
  • anr_get_option filter added


  • Reset captcha if CF7 validation error occur
  • Changed Tested up to


  • BuddyPress mentioned in readme
  • WooCommerce checkout captcha sometimes did not verify
  • Reset captcha if WooCommerce checkout error occur
  • If WordPress version is 4.9.0 or greater then pre_comment_approved filter used for comment which we can now return WP_Error


  • Settings page redesigned.
  • anr_is_form_enabled function added
  • Captcha error show first before username password error. So if captcha is not validated then username password error is not shown.
  • enqueue login css only if normal captcha is shown
  • Enabled forms stored as an array in db. array key is enabled_forms
  • Add class ANR_Settings, removed class anr_admin_class
  • BuddyPress register captcha added


  • Sometimes fatal error if is_admin return true in front-end.
  • Do not show captcha in checkout if not checked for checkout.


  • Now show captcha when use wp_login_form() function to create login form.


  • Fix: Settings page checkbox uncheck was not working.


  • New: Show captcha after set failed login attempts (may not work if you use ajax based login form, fall back to show always).
  • Fix: contact form 7 deprecated function use.


  • New: Invisible captcha feature added.
  • Fix: Show captcha error when login form loaded
  • Move this plugin settings page under Settings


  • Bug fix: WooCommerce lostpassword corrupted link


  • Comment form captcha issue fixed.
  • Captcha now wrapped in anr_captcha_field div class.
  • Comment form captcha p tag removed.


  • Security update.
  • WooCommerce checkout form issue fixed.


  • Captcha in WooCommerce added (WooCommerce Login, Registration, Lost password, Reset password forms).
  • Allow multiple captcha in same page.
  • Text domain changed.
  • Some minor bug fixed.


  • New filter ‘anr_same_settings_for_all_sites’ added, Now same settings can be used for all sites in Multisite.
  • Multisite User Signup Form added.
  • Some bug fixed.


  • Now captcha size can be changed.
  • bbPress New topic added
  • bbPress reply to topic added
  • Some bug fixed.


  • Initial release.