Complete features list – Password Policy Manager for WordPress

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The function of the Password Policies Manager for WordPress plugin is to allow site administrators and owners to enable strong password policies. This post highlights the main features of this WordPress plugin.

Password policies

The below is a list of password policies you can enforce and configure with this plugin to ensure strong user passwords:

  • Lower and upper case characters in passwords
  • Minimum length (number of characters) of passwords
  • Numeric digits in passwords
  • Special characters, such as ! and ? in passwords
  • Password lifetime period / expiration policy
  • Configurable password history so users do not use the same password multiple times

Other plugin features

When using the Password Policies Manager for WordPress plugin you can also:

  • Reset the passwords of all the users with a single click
  • Dormant users management (to automatically disable dormant WordPress users)
  • Exempt specific users or user roles from the password policies
  • Configure different password policies for different user roles, including custom ones
  • Specify if users’ sessions should be terminated instantly or not when a password is expired
  • Configurable from email address
  • Legacy applications support; specify which special characters are not allowed in passwords

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