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Getting Started with WPassword

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WPassword allows you to enable policies to help WordPress users use strong passwords. It works by showing the users which policies their password should meet and also highlights which of the policies have been met and not when resetting their passwords. Below is a screenshot of how the password policies are shown to the user.

The policies the new user password has to meet

All our WordPress plugins are very easy to use and do not require a lot of administration. However, we have prepared this getting started guide in case you need it. It will help you setup the basics of your plugin install.

Note: you can also enforce strong password policies on WordPress multisite networks.

Installing & activating the plugin

Once you buy the plugin install and activate the plugin by following this WordPress plugin installation guide.

Before anything else – test the email system

The plugin sends password expiry notification and password reset links over email. Therefore before you enable any password policies test the email system to confirm the plugin can send password reset emails and links. To run the email test:

  1. click Settings > Password Policies in the WordPress menu
  2. Confirm the From email address you want to use
  3. Click the Send Test Email button.

Testing that the password plugin can send emails
A test email is sent to the administrator email configured in the WordPress settings. Confirm you can receive such email before enabling any policies.

Test email sent by the passwords policy plugin

If you encounter any problems or do not receive the email, do not enable the password policies. If you require support send us an email on

Enabling the Password Policies

First time install prompt to configure the passwords policiesAll the password policies are disabled by default when you install the plugin. To configure the password policies click Settings > Password Policies in the WordPress menu. Click the setting Enable Password Policies to start configuring the password policies, as shown in the below screenshot.

Configuring the WordPress passwords policies

Configuring password policies for WordPress

In this section you can configure all the generic password policies. These policies will apply to all users regardless of their role unless you configure policies per specific role (as explained below).

Configuring password policies for a specific role

To configure specific password policies for users with a particular role:

  1. Click on the role from one of the tabs
  2. Untick the setting Inherit Password Policies
  3. Configure the password policies for that specific role.

If you want to exclude users from the policies, read excluding users & roles from WordPress password policies for more information.