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How to add CAPTCHA to WooCommerce forms

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CAPTCHA 4WP supports WooCommerce straight out of the box. There is no need to add codes manually or customize anything – all you need to do is check a few boxes and you can be on your way to a safer WooCommerce store.

CAPTCHA 4WP provides several WooCommerce placement options, giving you complete control over where CAPTCHA is displayed.

To get started navigate to CAPTCHA 4 WP > Settings & Placements

Add CAPTCHA to WooCommerce forms

  • WooCommerce Checkout – Adds a CAPTCHA to the checkout page
  • WooCommerce Login – Adds a CAPTCHA to the login page
  • WooCommerce Registration form – Adds a CAPTCHA to the registration page
  • WooCommerce Reset password form – Adds a CAPTCHA to the reset password page
  • WooCommerce Lost password form – Adds a CAPTCHA to the lost password page

WooCommerce checkout position – Change the position of the CAPTCHA check on the checkout page. Available positions include:

  • Below checkout
  • Above checkout button
  • Above payment selection

WooCommerce checkout login – Select this option to remove CAPTCHA from the login form when this is embedded in the checkout form.