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Why do you need WPassword?

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Weak passwords are one of the main causes of successful WordPress hack attacks. Unless policies are enforced, users use weak passwords. This plugin addresses these problems by helping WordPress site owners and admins ensure their users use strong passwords.

Introduction to the plugin

WPassword is a plugin that allows you to configure password policies users must adhere to, ensuring they use strong passwords that cannot be guessed during brute force attacks. It only takes a few seconds to configure strong WordPress passwords policies.

You do not have to familiarize yourself with a new system and interface. WPassword integrates seamlessly within your WordPress login page and uses the standard WordPress UI.

Benefits Highlight

  • Enforce strong password policies within seconds
  • Out of the box support for WooCommerce
  • Enforce use of lower & upper-case letters, numbers & special characters in passwords
  • Set passwords to expire, ensuring users do not use the same password for very long
  • Ensure password history checks so users do not use the same password often
  • Reset all users’ password with a click of a button
  • Configure different password policies for different user roles

How does WPassword work?

Once the plugin is installed and the policies are enabled (refer to the WPassword getting started guide), when users’ passwords expire they are prompted to change their password when they try to login.

The password of a WordPress user has expired

When resetting or changing the expired passwords, the plugin shows the users the policies the password has to match. Green coloured policies means the password matches those policies. Red means that the password does not match those policies.

The policies the new user password has to meet

The same policies apply when users change their password from the user profile page in WordPress.

Password policies on profile page

What about custom login & user profile pages?

If you use a custom login or user profile page on your WordPress use the hook in our plugin to hook in the plugin’s logic on your page. Refer to the hook for custom login pages documentation.

Questions? More information?

If you have any questions or need more information please visit our knowledge base or open a support ticket.