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List of hooks in WPassword
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Hooks are an integral part of the WordPress platform and can be found in everything from the WordPress core itself, to almost any plugin or theme you can think of.

Hooks offer WordPress developers and administrators a simple and easy method to interact with how WP functions, allowing anything from logic behaviors to even front-end markup to be customized, modified, or even removed if required.

WPassword For WordPress plugin also offers hooks, through which you can obtain additional functionality. This page lists all available hooks and is updated whenever new hooks are released. Notice of new hook additions is always included in the plugin’s release notes which are made available with every update.



This hook runs with custom user import. It is used to force a password reset for users created via a custom workflow/process since in such cases, our plugin may not recognize them.


  • $new_user_id

Example Code

do_action( 'ppmwp_apply_forced_reset_usermeta', $new_user_id );