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Category: configuration

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How to increase the maximum file size to scan

By default the Website File Changes Monitor plugin for WordPress does not scan files for changes that are larger than 5MB. If it identifies a file bigger than 5MB during a WordPress file changes scan it notifies about it so you know it was not scanned. If you do not want the plugin to scan […]

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Excluding files and directories from the WordPress file changes scan

Before you exclude any files or directories… It is important to understand which files and directories the Website File Changes Monitor plugin scans on your WordPress site by default. As a rule of thumb, the plugin scans everything apart from media and non executable files such as videos, images, text files and log files. The […]

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How to configure different password policies for different WordPress user roles

Once you install the Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin you can configure and enable password policies in the All tab. All the password policies configured in this tab apply to all users, regardless of their WordPress role. However, you can override the all password policies and configure different ones for specific roles when using the plugin. […]

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How to change the WordPress file changes scan frequency and time

By default, the Website File Changes Monitor plugin scans the WordPress website every day at 2:00AM for file changes. However, you can change the time and the frequency of the scans as this document explains. Change the file changes scan frequency You can configure the plugin to scan your website once a day, once a […]