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How to configure different password policies for different WordPress user roles

Once you install the Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin you can configure and enable password policies in the All tab. All the password policies configured in this tab apply to all users, regardless of their WordPress role. However, you can override the all password policies and configure different ones for specific roles when using the plugin. […]

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Getting Started with the Password Policies Manager for WordPress

The Password Policies Manager for WordPress plugin allows you to enable policies to help users use strong passwords. It works by showing the users which policies their password should meet and also highlights which of the policies have been met and not when resetting their passwords. Below is a screenshot of how the password policies […]

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How to exclude user & roles from the WordPress password policies

By default the password policies you configure in the Password Policies for WordPress plugin apply to all users on the website. However, you can exclude users, or all users with a specific role from the policies. When you exclude users they can use any password, including easy to guess ones. This post explains how you can […]