Website File Changes Monitor Plugin Changelog

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1.4.1 (2020-01-22)

New feature

  • New setting to scan development folders such as .svn and .git. This is disabled by default and can be enabled from the plugin’s settings.


  • Scanning engine can now read any character in filenames, so it can scan any file in the website file system.
  • Added an email functionality test in the wizard. Since file changes are reported over email, it is important to confirm email functionality.

Bug fixes

  • An error caused during the uninstall of the plugin.
  • Not all plugin data was deleted on uninstall.

1.4 (2019-11-14)

Release notes: Improved WordPress file integrity monitor & better coverage

New features

  • New setting to specify notifications email address (multiple email addresses supported).
  • Plugin is now translatable.


  • Plugin can now scan any file with any filename (improved scanning engine supporting special characters in filenames).
  • Added file changes count to each individual tab.

1.3 (2019-09-04)

Release notes: Plugin user experience (UX) improvements

New features

  • Added the timestamp of when the file change was detected. The date and time format used are those configured in WordPress.
  • Option to exclude all the directory from file integrity monitoring when a file change is detected in that directory.
  • New notification to alert user of no file changes during last scan (serves as a confirmation that the scan ran).
  • Setting to enable debug logs which can be used to troubleshoot technical problems.
  • Setting to delete all plugin data upon uninstall.


  • Added a user notification for when the permalinks are not configured. Plugin requires permalinks to display the file changes.
  • Updated / improved some of the settings text.
  • Excluding the upgrade directory from file integrity monitoring by default.
  • Plugin now reports actual error when the scan fails (previously there were no notifications).
  • Upon install, plugin automatically disables file integrity monitoring on WP Security Audit Log plugin if installed.

Bug fix

  • Select all checkbox not reset after used for bulk selection.

1.2 (2019-07-22)

New features

  • Scan Now button added to main plugin interface.
  • Setting to enable scan debug logs (to help troubleshooting support issues).


  • Improved the detection of plugins installed via zip file (not from repo).
  • Improved alert for when WSAL is also installed on the same website.

1.1 (2019-06-18)

Release notes: Email notifications of file changes on WordPress sites

New features

* Email notifications to site admin when file changes are detected.
* First time install notification to guide the user.
* New “Items per page” drop down menu in all file changes views.
* New setting to delete all data from WordPress database upon plugin uninstall.


* Improved UX: file changes scan results are split in 3 tabs.
* Better handling and detection of symbolic links.
* Reviewed and improved text in the plugin’s settings.
* Added links to the file changes viewer in the plugin’s listing on the plugins page.
* Widtch of pop up window with list of files is now dynamic.
* Added plugin logo to WordPress menu entry.

Bug fix

* File extensions exclusion list no longer reset when scanning is switched off.

1.0.0 (2019-04)

  • First release – everything is new!