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The Security Risks of Storing WordPress Backup Files & Old Files Onsite

WordPress backup files and old unused files typically contain a wealth of sensitive information. When stored onsite such files can easily be discovered and downloaded by malicious hackers. Hackers use the information they contain to craft an attack against your website.

Online WordPress Backup Services – the Ultimate WordPress Backup Solution

Even though WordPress backups are a must many do not have the time or resources to build their own backup solution, thus take the risk of not backing up their WordPress website. In this article I explain how online WordPress backup services make WordPress backup a hassle free and reliable operation.

WordPress Backups Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

If you are not familiar with all the operations and tasks needed to maintain a successful WordPress blog or website, you will find it very difficult to plan and choose the right WordPress backup solution for your WordPress. In this WordPress FAQ tutorial we try to address all WordPress backup frequently asked questions.

WordPress Backup Blueprints to Backup Your WordPress Manually

WordPress backup is the most overlooked task in maintaining a WordPress. Any blogger or webmaster should backup WordPress frequently to ensure that the WordPress can be restored and recovered in the shortest time possible in case of a failure, or in case it is hacked.

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