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Hide the WordPress version to improve security, or not?

Many WordPress professionals recommend to hide the WordPress version number to improve the security of your WordPress and keep hackers at bay. But does hiding the version of WordPress really improves the security of your WordPress blogs and websites? This article looks into existing WordPress attacks and explains why by just hiding the version of WordPress your website is not protected from malicious hacker attacks.

You Do Not Have Sufficient Permissions To Access This Page

In this WordPress tutorial we explain how to change some entries in the WordPress database to fix the You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page WordPress problem and regain access to the WordPress dashboard / wp-admin section.

How to Reset a WordPress User Password using phpMyAdmin

You can reset WordPress password using the phpMyAdmin web interface. Follow the three easy steps in this WordPress tutorial to reset a WordPress password within a minute and gain back access to your WordPress blog or website.

How to Exclude a Category from a WordPress Blog or Page

If you need to exclude a category from the WordPress blog page and sidebar, you do not need to install a third party plugin and add extra administration overhead. All you need to do is follow this easy to follow step by step WordPress tutorial, and by simply modifying a file you will have the […]

WordPress Backdoor to Create Administrator Account

While doing a WordPress security audit and WordPress security lock down for one of our customers, I noticed he had a WordPress password backdoor installed on his WordPress installation. The WordPress backdoor is a very simple, yet powerful PHP script which can be triggered by accessing a specific URL using a normal web browser, such […]