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WordPress security is a very hot topic in the WordPress community and a very important operation every WordPress owner should know about. Every WordPress event we attend we are always asked a good number of questions about WordPress security.

A couple of weeks ago I teamed up with my buddy Jean Galea, from WPMayor and took the opportunity to record a discussion we had about WordPress Security. We discussed a wide variety of subjects which are related to WordPress security such as WordPress plugins and themes, hosting providers, WordPress brute force attacks and much more. I would recommend anyone, from a WordPress newbie to a seasoned WordPress user to watch the video. Should you wish to secure your WordPress blog or website and don’t know from where to start, we also have a WordPress Security online course available at Udemy. Alternatively, especially if you have a busy WordPress website or it is your business’ web platform, we also offer a variety of WordPress security and consultation services.

Should you have any queries about the security of your WordPress blog or website, get in touch with us!

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