WFCM 1.5.0: Hourly file integrity scans & other plugin improvements

Last updated on January 09th, 2023 by Robert Abela. Filed under Products Releases & Updates

In this update of the Website File Changes Monitor plugin we focused on further improving the file scanning technology. The results speak for themselves; faster scans that requires less resources. Here, you can read in more details what is new and improved in update 1.5 of our file integrity monitor WordPress plugin.

Hourly file integrity scans

The more frequent the file integrity monitoring scans are, the earlier you can identify a file change on your WordPress website. In this update we have included the option to configure hourly file changes scans, allowing you to be alerted of any changes, malicious or not at the earliest possible.

To scan your WordPress site for file changes every hour, simply select the hourly option in the Scan frequency setting, as explained in configuring the file changes scan frequency.

Configuring the file integrity scan schedule

More secure hashing algorithm

The plugin uses a hashing algorithm to generate the signatures of the website’s files. Up until this update, the plugin used the MD5 hashing algorithm. This algorithm has some known collisions. This means that a malicious user could potentially make a file change that the plugin couldn’t detect.

From this update onward the plugin will use the SHA-256 hashing algorithm. This algorithm is more secure. There are no known collisions for it. This means that file changes will always be detected by the plugin. Upon upgrading to version 1.5 you will be alerted about this.

Notification about the upgrade to SHA-256

Simplified scheduler & scan logic

Since we had to change the plugin’s scheduler and scan logic to support hourly scans, we took the opportunity to redesign the scheduler and scan logic code. Due to this update, now we have:

  • A simplified and lightweight scheduler and scan logic,
  • Faster file integrity monitoring scans.

On top of that, the plugin can now better handle problematic scans. For example, scans that do not finish within the max scan time are terminated gracefully. The user is also alerted of this via email.

Other noteworthy plugin updates

Here are some other highlights of this update:

  • First time file changes scan runs in the background,
  • The Mark all as read function is now much faster,
  • Users can mark all file changes as read and not just the visible ones.

Refer to the plugin change log for a more detailed description of what is new and improved in this update.

Update now to WFCM 1.5

Website File Changes Monitor 1.5 is a major update. It uses a more secure hashing technology, the scans are way faster, and now you can run hourly file changes scan on your WordPress website.

Download the free Website File Changes Monitoring now!

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