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WFCM 1.8.0: Background file integrity scanning and improved scalability

Last updated on January 09th, 2023 by Radostin Angelov. Filed under Products Releases & Updates

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Today, we are happy to announce update 1.8.0 of the Website File Changes Monitor plugin for WordPress. Prior to this update, the plugin had some issues with the scan timing and resources required to run the scans.

This update introduces a completely revamped version of the plugin allowing for better reliability, performance and scalability.

Below is a highlight of what is new and improved in the latest update of our file integrity monitoring WordPress plugin.

File integrity scans moved as a background task

In this update, we focused on further improving the file scanning technology.

One of the benefits of having the scans run in the background is that now they require way less resources, meaning that now you can scan any size of website and not affect its performance.

With some previous versions of the plugin, some users might have encountered issues when scanning bigger websites, since the scanning was not done in the background, and we had to add some time limitations to not affect the website.

However, now that the scanning tasks run in the background, we no longer need to set limitations. All this allows the plugin to be way more scalable and can easily run scans without affecting the performance of your website, be it large or small.

More efficient and faster retrieving of the scan results

Previously, the plugin was saving the scan results as Custom Post Types on WordPress. However, with this update now the plugin stores the results in its own tables, making it way more efficient and faster to write and retrieve the scan results.

Other noteworthy updates

In this update of our file integrity monitoring plugin, we have also included the following improvements:

  • Time zones are now handled nativity using wp_timezone_string rather than a DateTime object.
  • WordPress.org checksum checks runs on initial scan, alerting users of core file changes at the earliest opportunity.

For a complete list of what’s new, improved and fixed in update 1.8.0 please read the plugin changelog.

Update now to Website File Changes Monitor 1.8.0

With a much improved file integrity monitoring scanning technology, the Website File Changes Monitor plugin now performs without issues, even or large websites.

Make sure to update your copy and benefit from all the improvements!

Download Website File Changes Monitor

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