Why Choose WordPress?

WordPress is Free

WordPress is an open source software and is available for FREE. This means that the WordPress blogging platform, which today is also being used as a CMS solution can be used for any personal or commercial projects without incurring any cost. On the contrary to open source software, many other high-end blogging and CMS software cost money and are difficult to use.

Installing and Setting Up WordPress is Quick and Easy

WordPress is well known for its “Famous Five Minutes Installation”. You do not need to be a rocket scientist to install WordPress! Installing WordPress is very easy and can be done in no time. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a MySQL database
  2. Specify parameters in wp-config.php, and
  3. Upload the actual WordPress source code to your web root.

WordPress is Easy to Use

You do not have to be internet savvy to start blogging. Once you have setup your WordPress installation, publishing an article or blog post is as easy as using any standard word processing software, if not easier! The advantages of having such user friendly software to publish content on the internet are not only enjoyed by the individual user. Businesses which use WordPress for commercial purposes do not need to invest time and money in training for their employees to learn how to use WordPress.

It is Easy to Upgrade WordPress

For many beginners, the mere mention of the term “upgrade” will send shivers down their spine. Everyone has heard a bunch of stories from system administrators about failed upgrades, so the fact that it is now up to poor old you to give it a shot makes you feel like pulling out you own tooth. Nevertheless, fear not as this is not the case with WordPress. Upgrading WordPress from one version to another is as simple as the click of a button, literally! With one click of a button, the user is able to upgrade his software to a new version, and it works every time.

WordPress has Built-in Spam Protection

Unfortunately, your blog will not only attract visitors but also spammers. Spammers will post spam comments on your blog and that is not what you want. Fear not, WordPress is equipped with a very robust anti-spam filter called Akismet. Akismet also has an integrated blacklist and an open proxy checker which automatically quarantine spam comments on your blog.

WordPress is W3C Compliant

An out-of-the-box installation of WordPress is fully compliant with W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards. Being fully compliant means that WordPress if fully interoperable with today’s modern web browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

WordPress Supports Plugins

WordPress plugins are used to extend the functionality of your WordPress installation. WordPress plugins are designed to help you shape your blog’s functions any way you like. Community developers have developed millions of plugins and you can find them available on the official WordPress Plugin Directory.

WordPress Themes Compatibility

WordPress also supports Themes, which are used to change the look and feel of your WordPress installation to make it look unique. In the WordPress Themes Directory you can find available for download any WordPress theme. Most of the themes are free to download. However, if none of the themes in the directory suite your liking, you have the option of finding a freelance designer who can design a custom WordPress theme for you.

WordPress has Built-In User Management System

WordPress also has its own user management system. Through the user management system, you can create different users and give them different access privileges. You are able to set up a hierarchy of users and specify what each user is allowed to do. For example, you can set certain users to be able to comment only, or write blog posts and articles, or review others’ blog posts and articles and so on. Each user can also create his own profile including his own specific avatar. You can also monitor user activity with our WordPress security plugin WP Activity Log.

WordPress is a Flexible and Customisable Content Management Software

The way WordPress is designed makes it very flexible and can also be used for other online purposes and not just for blogging. WordPress can easily be customised (without needing specific expertise) to be used as a:

  • CMS software for managing and maintaining a website
  • Picture / Photo gallery
  • Shopping cart / shopping store website
  • And much more!

Still not convinced? Check out the WordPress showcase to see for yourself who uses WordPress.

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