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Looking for information about WordPress? Surely you won’t be disappointed! There are a lot of resources available such as blogs, websites and of coruse the official WordPress website and support forums. However there is nothing better than a personal WordPress trainer; a book. As we will see below, there are several WordPress books available.

Recommended WordPress Books

Below are three WordPress books I personally own, recommend and refer to from time to time. There are several advantages in owning a WordPress book; you can quickly find what you are looking for without having to go through several search results and you can read about WordPress even when you do not have an internet connection.

For WordPress Beginners | WordPress: The Missing Manual

WordPress The Missing Manual by Matthew MacDonaldIdeal for beginners, this jargon-free WordPress book shows how to exploit all the WordPress features and how to use themes, plugins, widgets etc. It describes in details how to create a classy WordPress blog, how to build a website or even an e-commerce site with WordPress. It also explains how create a community by using social media tools such as the famous “Like” and other sharing buttons. This must have book also talks several other subjects which typically are not discussed in WordPress books; online marketing, building audiences for your WordPress blog or website, how to involve your readers and much more!

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Professional WordPress: Design and Development

Professional WordPress Design and Development bookSpecifically tailored for designers, developers and WordPress consultants, this technical book gives an overview of the WordPress system and explains what happens under the hood when a WordPress page is displayed, when a user logs in, when a plugin is activated and much more. It also contains real-world examples of load balanced WordPress installations, multi users WordPress implementations etc. The book Professional WordPress also focuses on how to take care of your WordPress from the performance and security point of view.

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 WordPress 3 Ultimate Security

WordPress 3 Ultimate Security bookThis WordPress book is ideal for any WordPress users. It starts by explaining the most basic and obvious things and slowly advances into more complex things. Although WordPress security is not everyone’s cup of tea, and even though many people think it is a boring subject, this book makes WordPress security accessible, encouraging and fun. If you prefer to follow an online course instead of reading about WordPress security, you can subscribe to our online WordPress security course specifically tailored for every type of WordPress users.

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Professional WordPress Plugin Development

Professional WordPress Plugin DevelopmentThis WordPress book is the essential guide for all WordPress plugin developers. Using a practical and step by step approach, it clearly explains how WordPress plugins work and reviews the tools and APIs available in Wordress that developers can use to develop WordPress plugins. It contains plenty of example code and clearly explains each and every step of plugin development. Any novice and experienced WordPress developer should have this bible as a reference to write professional WordPress plugins.

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