WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

You have this fantastic idea and you are aching to share it with the rest of the world. Everyone is blogging nowadays, so why not you? Most probably you already have bagged the domain of your choice, so what’s the next step? The first thing you have to do is to choose a blogging platform. Bloggers today are spoilt for choice when it comes to blogging platforms, however, there’s no need to fret since the obvious choice is WordPress.

Host on WordPress.com or Self Hosting WordPress?

About WordPress

WordPress is the most popular blogging software on the internet and is currently being used by millions of bloggers. WordPress has become the number one blogging platform worldwide since its user friendly software has enabled it to become a useful tool even in the hands of the most inexperienced user. Most important of all, WordPress is free and as the developers of this platform like to say, “priceless at the same time”.

WordPress allows you to build your own blog and modify it to your own needs and likings. It has never been easier to write, edit and publish content on the internet. So pull up your sleeves, stretch your fingers and start blogging with WordPress! No prior experience needed! WordPress is easy to use and makes blogging fun whether you are a publisher, a designer, a developer or if you simply enjoy blogging as a hobby.

Hosted or Self-Hosted WordPress Installation

The first thing you need to determine before you start using WordPress is: should you go for a hosted WordPress.com blog or should you download the WordPress blogging software and host the blog yourself? Don’t worry, this is sounding much harder than it actually is. Check out the table below for a comparison between the two versions of WordPress in order to help you determine what your needs are.

Feature / FunctionalityHosted on WordPress.comSelf Hosted (WordPress.org)
Have own domainYesYes
Require web hostingNoYes
Installing of softwareNo (hosted solution)Yes
Storage space limitYes (3GB or pay for more)Unlimited
WordPress Themes modifications$15 per yearYes
Template accessNoYes
Sidebar widgetsYesYes
RSS syndicationYesYes
Access to WordPress codeNoYes
Plugins to extend functionalityNoYes. Most plugins are available for free
Different WordPress Themes installationNoYes (any of choice)
SupportCommunity basedCommunity based

Limitations of Hosted WordPress on WordPress.com

A hosted WordPress blog installation is the ideal option if you do not want to be bothered with the tedious details of maintaining the blogging software. In truth, maintaining the blogging software does not involve a lot of work but everything depends on how much time you’re willing to commit for maintaining the blog A hosted WordPress blog on WordPress.com however has certain functional limitations, for example, you will not be able to install plugins and this will render your blog’s functionality very limited. Also, this option only gives you a limited amount of space available which you can increase against payment, as well as other kinds of restrictions and limitations.

More Flexibility with Self Hosted WordPress

A self-hosted WordPress blog installation would suit your needs more if you are planning on building a relatively voluminous blog which includes a lot of content, or which you would like to personalise to give it a more unique touch. If this is more the kind of blogging you had in mind, a self-hosted WordPress blog installation would not only be the most suitable option but it would also turn out to be the cheaper of the two. The WordPress blogging software can be downloaded for free and you only get to pay for the hosting. Today you can find numerous low-cost hosting providers which specialise in WordPress blog hosting. Self-hosting your own blog gives you much more freedom especially since you have unlimited functionality by installing the right plugins. Most important of all, the fact that this option enables you to personalise the look of your blog, you will feel much more part of the whole process and that this is truly something yours.

WordPress Hosting, Firewall and Backup

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