WP White Security will soon be rebranding to Melapress. As part of this change, www.wpwhitesecurity.com will no longer be available and will be redirected to melapress.com.

Key benefits & features

Never miss an important message

By moving the WordPress plugins and themes developer notices to a central place you can read them at your convenience, ensuring you never miss an important message.

Distraction free WordPress dashboard

Your WordPress dashboard won’t be full anymore with admin notices, which distract you from your work and which you have to close without reading to view the dashboard.

Easily manage admin notices

Customize how and where the admin notices are displayed by the plugin for a clutter-free admin area. The plugin supports all the different admin notices types, including custom ones.

Fully configurable plugin

The plugin is fully configurable. It allows you to specify which admin notices should the plugin allow in the WordPress dashboard or in the plugin's pop-up, or hide completely.

Very easy to use plugin

The plugin is very easy to use. Simpy download and activate it on your site and it will automatically start capturing the admin notices and move them to a central place.

Website performance friendly

The plugin does not affect the speed and performance of your website. Actually it helps your team focus on the task at hand, rather than being interrupted by the admin notices.

Clutter free dashboard & central place for admin notices


Don’t let a cry wolf situation build up on your website, because you’ll risk missing an important message from one of your WordPress plugins or theme developers.

Install the easy to use Admin Notices Manager to remove all the WordPress dashboard clutter and centralize all the notices in one central place, so you can read them when it is convenient for you.