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One to one email support & forum accessWe stand behind all of our products with world-class support and a team of professionals who absolutely care.

Easy to set up and useSet up CAPTCHA in minutes and add it to virtually any form you want at the click of a button.

Select from different types of CAPTCHAWith support for multiple CAPTCHA methods available straight out of the box, you can choose the one that best fits your requirements.

ReCAPTCHA V3 failoverSet a failover action to ensure false negatives do not negatively impact your funnels and flows.

WordPress registration and lost password/reset form protectionEasily add CAPTCHA to protect your website from spam and fake users registration and lost password/reset pages from spam.

Use CAPTCHA in any countrySelect from different domains to prevent service outages due to domain restrictions.

Set CAPTCHA passmark scoreFine-tune CAPTCHA tests in real-time by setting the passmark score to avoid false positives.

Configurable CAPTCHA languageChoose from multiple CAPTCHA text languages.

Use the language that your website viewers understandAvoid confusion and configure the plugin to automatically change the CAPTCHA text language to match that of the visitor.

Spam protection for your WooCommerce storesAdd CAPTCHA to WooCommerce forms such as the login page and checkout at the click of a mouse.

Specify where to put the CAPTCHA test on WooCommerce checkout pagePersonalize your customers' experience and meet your branding requirements.

1-click Contact Form 7 spam protectionAdd CAPTCHA to any Contact Form 7 form at the click of a button. No shortcodes required.

1-click Gravity Forms spam protectionAdd CAPTCHA to any Gravity Forms form at the click of a button. No shortcodes required.

1-click WPForms spam protectionAdd CAPTCHA to any WPForms form at the click of a button. No shortcodes required.

1-click spam protection for Mailchimp for WordPress formsAdd CAPTCHA to any MC4WP form at the click of a button. No shortcodes required.

CAPTCHA spam protection for BuddyPress, bbPress & other third-party pluginsOut of the box support for many popular third-party plugins.

Add CAPTCHA to any type of form, even PHP formsUse the plugin's shortcode or code snippet to add CAPTCHA tests to any type of forms, even non-WordPress PHP forms.

Strike a balance between security and usabilityRequest CAPTCHA on failed logins only for an improved user experience that doesn't compromise security.

White-list logged in usersLogged in users can be trusted, so there is no need for CAPTCHA. You can also configure this by user role.

White-list specific IP addressesWhite-list IPs to ensure automated process & integrations running to your website continue to operate smoothly.

White-list specific URLsIf you configure CAPTCHA to run invisibly on all pages, use this setting to exclude it from specific URLs.

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