Your WordPress login is like the front door to your website. It provides access to your users and customers, each of whom has their own key in the form of a password. Making sure the door is as secure as possible is important; however, you should also have a say in the type of key people use. A simple key makes for easy picking – something you can avoid thanks to MelaPress login security.

MelaPress Login Security enables you to secure different login processes to ensure your WordPress websites are as secure as possible. From password policies to the handling of failed login attempts and inactive users, MelaPress Login Security is here to put you in the driver’s seat of your WordPress security.

WordPress password policies


Passwords are like keys to your front door. Without a password policy in place, users can create their own WordPress passwords, which oftentimes are insecure and easy to crack. While this is not done maliciously, it can leave your WordPress website vulnerable to an increased level of risk – which is easily mitigated by a strong password policy.

MelaPress Login Security offers a password policy tool with a granular level of customization, giving you complete control over the complexity of passwords users can create. Furthermore, you can also disallow the reuse of old passwords and set a password expiration policy to ensure passwords are changed every so often. In essence, MelaPress Login Security gives you access to the tools you need to implement password best practices and increase the security level of your WordPress website.


Best practices that work for you


A good, strong password is one of the most important first-line defenses you can have for your WordPress website. Passwords should not be actual words, and character replacements (such as using 1 instead of I) are discouraged – password crackers understand this and will not fool them. A healthy mix of letters, numbers, and special characters with no discernable pattern is just as important – the more random a password is, the safer it will be.

MelaPress Login Security gives you the tools you need to ensure users set secure passwords within a framework that promotes best practices at all times.

WordPress failed login attempts


We all forget our passwords from time to time – it happens to the best of us. While this is generally a good sign – it means that the user does not use one password for all of their online accounts – it could also mean someone is trying to break into your website. By limiting the number of failed login attempts a user is allowed in a period of time, you can ensure genuine users are still able to log in, while those with ulterior motives are locked out.

Here, MelaPress Login Security offers a robust tool to limit the number of failed login attempts in a given timeframe. You can also choose whether a locked account needs to be manually unlocked or if it unlocks automatically after a time window has passed – ensuring you’re able to define your own policies at all times.


Achieve balance on your terms


Achieving a balance between security and usability looks different to different WordPress administrators and website owners. There is no one golden rule or standard that fits everyone – which is why MelaPress Login Security is built on the principle of customization.

MelaPress Login Security offers a high level of customizability through which you can achieve the balance that best works for you and your organization, ensuring the utmost level of security without compromising usability.

Inactive WordPress users


Inactive users can present an increased security risk. With no one checking in and changing the password every so often, inactive users can present a gateway for bad actors to work in the shadows without raising suspicion. Because of this, inactive users should be locked down – until their owner requires access again.

Disabling inactive users can present a unique challenge, especially in environments where there is a large number of users. Keeping tabs on which accounts are active and which ones aren’t can consume a large number of resources if done manually. MelaPress Login Security helps you automate all of this through configurable policies, giving you control over how you would like to handle inactive user accounts.


Free your time with task automation


Automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks can help you use available resources more efficiently. As your website grows, things tend to get overlooked, which often end up rearing their head when you least expect them.

MelaPress Login Security helps you automate tasks so that you can focus on growing your business with your mind at rest, knowing that your WordPress logins are secure and sound.

Integration with 3rd party plugins


3rd party plugins such as WooCommerce and LearnDash can drastically extend the functionality of WordPress websites. Such plugins, which facilitate the sign-up of users, can present additional administrative challenges to WordPress administrators and website owners and may increase security overhead.

MelaPress Login Security facilitates the administration of third-party plugins through one-click, out-of-the-box integration with a number of plugins, including WooCommerce, LearnDash, and others. You can also manually integrate MelaPress Login Security with other plugins that are not supported through our one-click integration. Step-by-step guides and email support are available to help you every step of the way.


Don’t let security hold you back


As websites grow, security tends to become an even more important concern. Having the right tools at your disposal to ensure the safety of your business and users is critical to achieving your full growth potential without boundaries.

MelaPress Login Security supports numerous third-party plugins with plans to add more. Frequent updates and email support are included with each plan, ensuring you have everything you need to help you shine the way you always intended to.

Start your journey towards a more secure WordPress login today. Our plans are highly customizable, helping you choose the solution that's right for you.