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Key Benefits & Features

Instant Email Notifications

Get instantly alerted of file changes on your websites via email notifications. Get the overview you need about your website without having to login.

No False Alarms - Just Genuine Alerts

The plugin’s exclusive smart technology recognizes WordPress core, plugins and themes changes, so it doesn’t raise false alarms of legit file changes.

Find Leftover Files Before Hackers Do

Easily spot backup and other files left over by developers on your website that could be the source of sensitive data breaches.

Pinpoint Malicious Code Changes

In the unfortunate case of a successful WordPress hack attack the plugin tells you exactly which files were modified and injected with malicious code.

Scan Any Type Of Website Code File

The plugin scans any type of file on your WordPress website, including any custom code and other third party files you have stored on your site.

WordPress Multisite Network Ready

The Website File Changes Monitor plugin is a multisite network tool and can detect file changes on the WordPress multisite network.

Ensure WordPress core authenticity

The plugin automatically compares the WordPress core files of your website to the official WordPress repository, thus ensuring your WordPress install has not been tampered with.

Improve WordPress security

There is no bullet proof WordPress solution. You need a suite of tools working together - include file integrity monitoring for a more complete WordPress security solution.

Simple, Yet Fully Configurable

Even though it is fully automated and easy to use, the plugin is fully configurable. You can configure the scan frequency, file & directory exclusions and other settings.

Website Performance Friendly

The plugin’s exclusive smart scanning technology splits the files scan and optimizes the process so it does not affect the site’s performance.

File Changes Monitoring Is Better Than Malware Cleaning


Keep an eye on your site’s code changes, identify leftover files that could lead to sensitive data leaks, and pinpoint malicious code and malware injected on your WordPress site during successful hack attacks.

Use the hassle-free Website File Changes Monitor plugin. It alerts you whenever files are added, modified or deleted from your WordPress site.

For more information and inquiries about any of the plugins send us an email on info@wpwhitesecurity.com or use our contact form.