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WP 2FA key benefits & features

Improve user login security

Statistics show that traditional logins are too weak, due to the sharp increase & success of automated password attacks. By adding 2FA you add an additional layer of security to your login pages.

Implement 2FA in just seconds

The WP 2FA plugin is very easy to use and wizard driven. Therefore you and your users do not have to be tech gurus to setup 2FA. All can be done within just seconds.

Select from multiple 2FA methods

The plugin supports several different 2FA protocols, giving your website users the flexibility to select the method that fits their requirements without hindering their productivity.

Supports multiple 2FA apps

WP 2FA supports a wide variety of 2FA apps. It supports Google Authenticator, Authy, FreeOTP, Duo Security and several other popular 2FA apps right out of the box.

Make 2FA a compulsory requirement

With WP 2FA plugin you can enable policies to make two-factor authentication for all your users, store customers, & website members compulsory, so no account is unprotected.

Allow users a grace period

The plugin allows you to give your users a grace period when you require them and enforce 2FA, so they can do it at their convenience without requiring technical assistance.

Require users to instantly setup 2FA

If you do not want to allow users a grace period, you can always require them to instantly setup and use 2FA, otherwise they won't be able to login to your website.

Block user logins without 2FA

When users do not configure 2FA within the configured grace period, they are not allowed to login until they configure 2FA, so not to jeopardize the security of your website.

Multisite networks compatible

Use the WP 2FA plugin to enable two-factor authentication on your multisite network. You can also use policies to make 2FA compulsory, network-wide for all or a selection of users and roles.

Front-end 2FA setup & configuration

Users do not need to access the WordPress dashboard. If you use custom user profile pages on your eCommerce shop or membership site, users can still easily setup 2FA.

Custom login page support

The WP 2FA plugin has out-of-the-box support for custom login pages and post login redirects. So if you use any, you can still add 2FA without the need to customize your setup.

Fully configurable email templates

All the email templates the plugin uses are fully editable. On top of that, every individual email can be disabled (and re-enabled), and all other email settings are fully configurable.

Boost productivity & flexibility

With a more secure WordPress authentication mechanism your team can work and access the WordPress dashboard safely and securely from anywhere and any device.

Reduce helpdesk & security costs

Around 40% of helpdesk calls in the industry are for password resets. With easy to follow wizards and backup codes, your website users no longer need to call helpdesk.

Protect against fraud

Identify and cardholder thefts are on the rise year on year. Help your e-commerce store customers or membership site members keep their accounts and personal data secure.

Protect against password attacks

With two-factor authentication on your website malicious attackers cannot hijack your website’s user accounts, even if they guess their username and passwords.

Boost the security of your WordPress with two-factor authentication


Improve the security of your WordPress website, boost your team’s productivity, and help your customers or website members keep their user accounts and data on your website secure.

Use the WP 2FA plugin to easily add two-factor authentication to your WordPress website, and for a hassle-free experience for all your users.