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Key Benefits & Features

Keep a Log of Everything that Happens

Whether it’s a content change, a system setting or a change on the multisite network, the plugin keeps a log of all changes. It has the broadest coverage, so no change goes unnoticed on your WordPress.

Comprehensive activity log

When the plugin keeps a log of a change it records all the details you need, such as the date and time, the user which did the change and the role, the IP address and all the other details about the change.

Receive Instant SMS & Email Alerts

Know what is happening without having to login! Get instantly alerted of critical site changes via SMS & email. You can activate built-in notifications or create your own.

Manage Users Sessions in Real-time

See who is logged in to your WordPress and what they are doing in real-time. Remotely terminate sessions, block simultaneous same user sessions and get notified via email of session statuses.

Easily Search & Find Specific Activity

Make free-text searches to easily track down specific WordPress changes. You can also use the built-in filters to fine tune the search results, allowing you to find what you are looking for within just seconds.

Generate Any Type of WordPress Report

Generate any type of report from the activity log. Criteria are fully configurable, so you are not tied down to a limited number of reports. Also configure daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly reports sent automatically to your inbox.

WooCommerce Ready

The plugin has a dedicated sensor for WooCommerce. It keeps a log of customers and order changes, and any other change shop managers do on WooCommerce, such as products, coupons, shipping & store settings changes.

Performance, Security & Compliance

Store the activity log in an external database so the WordPress database remains blazing fast. By segregating the logs you improve security and ensure your site is fully compliant to GDPR, PCI DSS, HIPAA and other regulations.

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What are customers saying about the WP Activity Log plugin?

Vova Feldman

“The plugin does exactly what it says and does it great! In addition, as a developer, I had the chance to take a look at the “engine”, i.e. the code, and that’s one of the best-coded WordPress plugins that I’ve ever seen (and I’ve seen hundreds). Very modular and extensible, and the object-oriented architecture is superb. Kodus!”

Ivica Delic

“I’m really thrilled with its features and level of details it offers. If you need to know exactly what happened on your site – this is a perfect tool for you! Very powerful audit tool which increases the security of your site (you can catch all the suspicious activities immediately, with the built in alert system).”

The Hack Repair Guy
Jim Walker

"The features are right on target in regard to what might need to fully monitor the activity with a WordPress based website. The premium features are truly premium. And the author seems to truly care about what others think in regard to making his set of plugins better.”