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Since its inception, WP 2FA has evolved to become one of the top WordPress 2FA plugins – thanks to the hard work of the team and our customers who have shown faith in us and our products and provided us with invaluable feedback.

WordPress security continues to become an increasingly hot topic, more so as the number of security-related incidents continues to increase. With 2FA stopping some 99.9% of account-based attacks, it is fast becoming as standard as username and password combinations – offering increased security to WordPress administrators, owners, and users alike.

WP 2FA 2.0 release

Today we are releasing a new WP 2FA version, featuring some of the biggest updates yet. With a renewed emphasis on usability and customizability, we are confident that this new version adds even more value to WordPress administrators, regardless of the size and scope of their website(s).

Free and premium versions are now available

The new release sees the plugin split into a free and premium version, with the latter including even more features and options. We have also made sure that no features are dropped from the free version. On the contrary, we have made sure it has all the necessary tools to ensure that the implementation of 2FA is a resounding success.

New premium feature: Trusted Devices

The spanking new trusted devices feature enables administrators to allow users to mark devices as trusted. Trusted devices bypass the 2FA authentication check for a period of time – defined by the administrator, provided that configurable security checks are met.

New feature: White Labeling

We have included all the white labeling options administrators need to have more control over the look and feel of users’ 2FA configuration page. Colors, fonts, text, and other elements are easily customizable to give your users a consistent and holistic experience while adhering to your branding guidelines at all times.

We have barely scratched the surface of what the latest version of WP 2FA can do for you and your website. For more information, refer to the complete WP 2FA features list, and remember to check the plugin’s comparison chart to make sure you pick the right version for you.

New WP 2FA website

As WP 2FA continues to grow, we thought it would benefit our users for this plugin to have its very own website to call home. This new website, wp2fa.io, which we are launching today, is fully committed to helping our customers and website visitors improve their WordPress security, with a particular focus on WordPress 2FA.

The website has been built from the ground up to be customer-centric. Not only is it easy to navigate and user-friendly, but it’s also jam-packed with helpful information and tips on how to maximize the security of your website. Equally important, here, you will also find all the resources you need to make your WP 2FA implementation a success.

Visit the WP 2FA plugin website for more information and documentation about the plugin.

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