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About WP White Security

WP White Security is a European based company that develops high-quality & niche WordPress security and admins plugins to help site administrators better manage and secure their sites. The company was founded by Robert Abela, a WordPress professional who has been featured on several news and security websites such as Help Net Security, WP Lift and WP Mayor. Apart from this WordPress security blog, WP White Security also has the following projects:

WP Security Audit Log Plugin

The WP Security Audit Log plugin is the most widely used and comprehensive WordPress activity logs plugin. It is installed on thousands of WordPress websites and multisite networks and used by world renowned businesses such as Disney, Nginx and Bosch. Download the free WordPress activity log plugin from the official WordPress plugins repository.

Password Policy Manager for WordPress

The Password policy Manager is a WordPress plugin that allows you to setup policies and enforce strong WordPress password security. By setting up policies you ensure your all your users use strong passwords and do not put your WordPress site at risk. Refer to the Password Policy Manager for WordPress plugin page for more detailed information on the plugin’s features.

Website File Changes Monitor Plugin for WordPress

The Website File Changes Monitor plugin automatically detects and alerts WordPress site admins of file changes on their sites. The plugin is very easy to use and runs in the background. It uses an exclusive smart technology to detect plugins, themes and WordPress core updates, hence it does not report any false alarms.

WP Security Bloggers

The WP Security Bloggers is a WordPress security news and updates aggregate. The list is curated and and includes the most popular WordPress security blogs. To keep yourself up to date with what is happening in WordPress you do not have to subscribe to multiple blogs. Simply subscribe to the daily or weekly WordPress security updates roundup newsletter from WP Security Bloggers or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about what we can do for you, contact us or find us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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