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WPassword 2.0 – Multisite networks support & first time login password change

Last updated on November 03rd, 2021 by Robert Abela. Filed under Products Releases & Updates

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Today we are announcing WPassword 2.0! We are very excited about this release. Finally, WordPress multisite network administrators can also enforce strong password policies.

In this update we have also added the new first time login password change policy. In addition to these new features, we have added several other plugin improvements, as we highlight in these release notes.

WordPress multisite network support

Typically, multisite networks have many users. In most cases the network’s administrators do not even know who owns the users, and how security conscious they are. So the need to enforce strong WordPress password policies is even more critical on multisite networks.

The WPassword plugin works as a network tool when installed on multisite. Super administrators can:

New policy to change password on first time login

When new users are registered or created on a WordPress website, the chances are that they will use a weak password. There is nothing that incentives them to use a strong password.  Even worse, most eCommerce and membership plugins sent the users’ password over email, in clear text. For example this happens when WooCommerce automatically creates a new customer user on your eCommerce website.

User password sent in clear text over email

As a security best practice to counter against the use of weak passwords, you can configure a policy with the WPassword plugin to enforce users to reset their password the first time they login, and their password has to meet the policy requirements.

What else is new and improved in version 2.0?

For a complete list of what is new and improved in this exciting update of the Password Policies Manager plugin for WordPress please refer to the plugin change log.

Download a 7-day free trial

Try the plugin on your own WordPress website: download a free 7-day trial. No credit card or payment required, no commitment.

Buy the WPassword plugin

The Password Policies manager for WordPress starts from $29.99. Implementing strong password policies on WordPress websites cost less than what most of use spend on coffee in a week!

Buy WPassword plugin for WordPress.

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