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At WP White we specialize in WordPress security services. Although from time to time we do assist customers solve their WordPress theme design issues, design is not our cup of tea. Technical people tend not to be that good at design and that is why there is a need for both technical people and designers in the WordPress community. In this Genesis Framework review / case study we explain why we chose Genesis Framework to power our own WordPress services website.

The aim of WP White website

Having a good looking website that attracts visitors is very important to online businesses like us. Our website is our shop; the first thing our customers will see. But it is not just about looks. An easy to navigate website where visitors can easily find what they are looking for is also important, i.e. information about the WordPress services we provide and how we can be of help. So although design is important, it should not be given too much importance. Some businesses have very good looking websites yet it is difficult to tell what they are selling or what service they provide.

Lately we revamped our website and built it using Genesis Framework from StudioPress. Now our visitors can easily tell what our website is all about; we develop niche WordPress security and admin plugins, and host a blog about internet and WordPress security.

Why Genesis Framework

Being a group of technical people we typically like to do things ourselves. We heard a lot of good things about Genesis Framework, so we decided to give it a shot; after all it only costs $59.95. And from then onwards everything worked out fine. We managed to build our website theme in just a couple of hours, even though we are not WordPress theme developers. If we managed to do this in just a couple of hours, imagine what a trained WordPress theme designer can do with Genesis Framework. Below are some points that explain why you and any other WordPress user should go for Genesis Framework.

Genesis Framework review

Genesis Framework is easy to use

Developers find it very hard to take over someone else’s unfinished job, but with Genesis Framework it is different. It is extremely easy to use and develop. Everything is well documented and standard so a handover, or team development is a piece of cake when done on Genesis Framework. Developing WordPress themes with Genesis will save you a lot of time, and we all know that time is money.

Strong Genesis Framework community

Genesis Framework gained a lot of popularity and is supported by a huge community. There are many websites that have a Genesis powered WordPress theme and a good number of WordPress theme developers developing themes based on it, so finding documentation is not a problem. StudioPress publish the official Genesis Framework documentation and a lot of developers document their Genesis Framework tweaks on their blogs and websites. Below is a short list of links which you will definitely use if you want a Genesis Framework powered theme:

  • StudioPress documentation: A good number of Genesis Framework tutorials published by the creators of Genesis; StudioPress.
  • Genesis Framework Tutorials: A blog containing genesis tutorial ideal for WordPress theme developers.
  • StudioPress support: StudioPress, the company that builds Genesis Framework provides support via their own forums.
  • Genesis WordPress plugins: There are several Genesis Framework plugins available in the WordPress plugin directory that can be used to ease the process of building a website with the Genesis Framework. Some of these plugins are written by third party developers while some others are written by StudioPress. The StudioPress account in the WordPress plugin directory can be found here.
  • StudioPress themes: StudioPress also host their own shopping centre for Genesis Framework powered child themes. Therefore if you do not want to build your own WordPress theme, from StudioPress you can purchase several child themes developed by StudioPress themselves and third party developers.

Built-in Genesis Framework features

An out of the box Genesis Framework installation is full of features yet clutter free. It does not populate your WordPress admin panel with options and menus.

Genesis Framework is also shipped with a number of SEO features, so your website is search engine optimized right out of the box. If you want to you your own SEO WordPress plugin, it is still possible by disabling the Genesis Framework SEO.

Genesis Framework is always up to date

How many times did you hire a designer to build a custom WordPress theme and you were left with an unfinished job, or with a WordPress theme that does not scale properly? Genesis Framework is maintained by developers you trust and is constantly updated. When a new WordPress version with new features is released, Genesis Framework is immediately updated to support these new features. Frequent updates also mean improved WordPress security; if security holes are discovered within the Genesis Framework, StudioPress fixes them instantly.

Genesis Framework is used by the best WordPress people

As we have seen Genesis Framework for WordPress themes is really easy to use, backed up by an amazing community, feature full and frequently updated. Genesis Framework is used by the most successful people in the WordPress websites and blogging community, such as Matt Mullenweg (WordPress founder), Darren Rowse (ProBlogger founder) and WP White (us), the WordPress security experts!

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