Is WordPress Secure?

In the last few weeks the WordPress community started questioning the state of security of WordPress again because a number of vulnerabilities have been discovered both in WordPress and a number of popular WordPress plugins. This article explains how even though there are so many vulnerabilities being discovered, WordPress per se is a very secure software.

What are Targeted and Non-Targeted WordPress Hack Attacks

There are various types of WordPress hack attacks and most of them can be classified under two categories; Targeted and Non-Targeted WordPress hack attacks. This security articles explains what each type of attack is, how it works and how to protect your WordPress sites and blogs from these malicious WordPress hack attacks.

Securing the WordPress Administrator User Account

The WordPress administrator user account is the most targeted account on a WordPress installation. Read this article to learn what you can do to tighten the security of your WordPress administrator user account and how to keep it secure.

Why You Should Change the WordPress Administrator User ID

This security article explains why you should change your WordPress Administrator ID to improve the security of your WordPress blogs and sites. It also explains how to change the WordPress administrator ID so malicious hackers cannot target the WordPress administrator account.

Configure Strong WordPress Password Policies with Plugin

WP Password Policy Manager is a WordPress password plugin that allows administrators and manage to configure password policies to enforce all WordPress users to use strong password. Like the popular WP Security Audit Log, WP Password Policy Manager is developed by WP White Security.

WordPress Security Keys

WordPress security keys are used to encrypt the WordPress login details stored in user’s cookies once they login to WordPress. By configuring the WordPress security keys you also improve the security of your WordPress. This article explains what are the WordPress security keys and how you can configure them in the wp-config.php file.

Hide the Version of WordPress to Improve Security, or NOT?

Many WordPress professionals recommend to hide the WordPress version number to improve the security of your WordPress and keep hackers at bay. But does hiding the version of WordPress really improves the security of your WordPress blogs and websites? This article looks into existing WordPress attacks and explains why by just hiding the version of WordPress your website is not protected from malicious hacker attacks.

Definitive Guide to WordPress SSL

The definitive WordPress SSL Guide | Do you have an online shop on your WordPress? Or would you like to improve the security of your WordPress by encrypting the WordPress login session? This WordPress security guide explains in step by step fashion how to enable WordPress SSL for your login page and admin pages, for a specific page or post and more.

Is your WordPress Hacker Proof?

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